I’m Rigo Salton

Since the first Design Cabinetry House kitchen was produced in 2003, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible, inspired by our commitment to quality. So we insisted that every kitchen the company made combined practical use and beauty like no other. The uncompromising vision set new benchmarks that we still live by.

We’re continuing that tradition with the launch of the new lines for closets, Tv units, vanities, hotel furniture, and much more. This definitive creation process continues a revered bloodline that began with our first kitchen.

The Design Cabinetry House DNA is instantly recognizable across our range—there is an unmistakable purity of the line that runs through our products. Quality and robust; sleek and seductive; confident and instinctive: All these qualities are reflected in our lines.

We’re proud of our role to design and manufacture thoughtful, livable spaces as a company. Design cabinetry House will remain at the forefront of luxury with affordability for years to come with a deep commitment to our founding principles.